Youth Climate Ambassadors: Plans for Great Big Green Week

31 August, 2022
By Poppy Stowell, Youth Climate Ambassador

Youth Climate Ambassadors: Plans for Great Big Green Week

The Youth Climate Ambassadors for Wales spent the first part of the last twelve months focusing on their COP journey, the impact they wanted to have and how they could do it. This meant that during their two weeks at COP26 as both Green and Blue zone delegates, they successfully amplified the youth voice of Wales and the voices of Indigenous Peoples and their climate journey. 

Since the end of 2021, YCA have set their new yearly priorities as Social and Climate Injustice, Biodiversity and Climate Refugees and decided these priorities by centering the planet and people made vulnerable by climate change at the heart of their decision making. Because of this YCA is excited to host an event on the 2nd October as part of GBGW discussing what being a climate refugee is and how we all can help. 

In addition to their work, YCA has remained heavily involved in the development of Climate Cymru and would encourage everyone to engage with this fantastic network designed to bring the Welsh climate sector together to allow unified and effective action!

 a look at the A-Z of ideas for hosting a Great Big Green Week event and our bilingual resources here.

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