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Warm this Winter

There is an escalating cost-of-living crisis, an energy crisis, and an ongoing climate emergency.

These crises are connected. They share common causes, like fossil fuels, which are making them all worse. They also share solutions that can help us get out of this mess, like mass insulation of Welsh homes and investment in low-cost, clean, renewable energy.

Urgent help is needed now for people suffering and we must rapidly scale-up, long-term robust solutions.

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We are working with Welsh Government and other key stakeholders to make sure they do everything they can, within their devolved powers, both to help people with their immediate suffering and to provide a genuine pathway to a better future. Wales must be bold and lead.

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We asked our network to tell us what Welsh and UK governments should do to address these interlocking crises, and here are their demands:

1. Emergency support for vulnerable household
2. An ambitious energy efficiency programme
3. A rapid scale-up of low-cost renewable
4. Free us from fossil fuels

Full briefing

We are aligned with a UK-wide campaign which has broad support from anti-poverty and environmental organisations.

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