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A year of campaigning Warm this Winter

28 September, 2023

Our Impact: The Top 10 – Warm this Winter

Its important to take a moment and reflect on the power of our collective work this year – our movement has made tidal shifts in Wales in policy and most importantly directly to people of our communities in crisis – the hardest hit.

This is in thanks to our movement of communities, grass-roots campaigners, organisations and advocates – our collective voice which we have effectively taken to decision makers – makes for real change.


The Top 10

Thanks to the thousands of you who signed our petitions, emailed your Members of the Senedd (MSs) and showed up to days of action, together we have:


1. Campaigned successfully to bring down the price of electricity for people on prepayment meters, many of whom are the poorest and most vulnerable in society. (impacting 200,000 welsh residents)


2. Triggered the Senedd to launch an inquiry into the prepayment meter scandal, giving MSs the opportunity to cross-examine energy firm bosses.


3. Ensured the Welsh Government provided cost-of-living support for struggling households, with the support in Wales going beyond that of the UK government.


4.  Ensured the Warm Homes Programme, the Welsh Government’s fuel poverty and home-upgrade scheme, addresses the needs of the most vulnerable and prioritises low-carbon technologies.


5. Gained unanimous support in the Senedd for our Warm This Winter Wales campaign demands to tackle the cost-of-living, energy and climate crisis.


6. Campaigned successfully for the Welsh Government to create a publicly-owned renewable energy developer for Wales.


7. Campaigned successfully for the Welsh Government to act on a promise to launch Ynni Cymru, an initiative to accelerate community energy around Wales.


8. Helped to close down the UK’s largest opencast coal mine in Merthyr, by supporting and amplifying the community’s campaign while advocating a just transition for workers there.


9. Brought together a diversity of organisations — unions, charities, industries — to find solutions to how Wales can lower its carbon emissions and used this roundtable discussion to influence the Welsh Government.


10. Campaigned successfully for more free childcare for families in Wales, leading to the announcement of an additional £10 million revenue in 2023-24.

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