Warm This Winter MS Champions announced

12 July, 2023
By Bethan Sayed


Representatives from the Warm this Winter Wales campaign will be awarding a cross party group of MS’s on their last day of term in the Senedd before the summer recess, (Wednesday the 12th of July,12.30pm in the Senedd Cafe) for the work they have carried out on a local and National level pertaining to the Warm this Winter Wales campaign.

Trophies were made from bamboo by a company based in Swansea to present to the four MS’s who were chosen by a poll of network partners, based on their commitment to the values and aims of the campaign.

Delyth Jewell Plaid Cymru MS, Jack Sargeant Labour MS, Mark Isherwood Conservative MS, and Jane Dodds Liberal Democrat MS are all to be rewarded. Members have all contributed in different ways to the campaign, be it by raising questions with Ministers in the Senedd, attending events in local areas that endorse the aims of the campaign, such as freeing Wales from fossil fuels.  Or by advocating for elements of the campaign such as pushing for more energy efficiency measures in our homes, or support for vulnerable households during the cost of living crisis.

Bethan Sayed from Warm this Winter Wales said:

We know that Members of the Senedd have so many competing priorities, and that many groups contact them on a daily basis to raise concerns, ask them to carry out tasks and questions to Ministers. We feel that rewarding those MS’s who have supported our campaign diligently and passionately must be awarded.

People are quick enough to judge politicians, and not thank them, but with these awards, we want to say to MS’s – thank you. Thank you for your hard work in raising issues relating to how we can support families and individuals through the cost of living and energy crises, by coming up with our own solutions here in Wales of more energy efficiency in our homes, and the growth of renewable energy. 

We appreciate that our partners have voted to give something to four MS’s, but I’d like to recognise that many other MS’s have been supportive too, and we thank them also.’

For more information contact Bethan Sayed on 07725144100

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