Warm This Winter Advocacy

We have put together below a list of resources and references where you can find information, get help or take action to address the cost of living crisis and the energy crisis.


Analysis from Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit suggests that investment in home insulation could be cost neutral on UK Treasury around the end of the current Parliamentary term with reduced bills cutting the overall cost of the energy price freeze.

Welsh Government: Independent report with recommendations on how to reduce carbon emissions in Welsh homes by 2050.

Friends of the Earth: report outlining why the energy crisis demands street by street energy saving measures

Get Help

Welsh Government has reacted to the cost of living crisis with a number of Wales- based solutions, which many groups in civil society have been involved with to help make happen, including-

  • Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF) provides 2 types of grant that you do not need to pay back; Emergency Assistance Payment (EAP) and Individual Assistance Payment (IAP)
  • Additional funding to the Discretionary Assistance Fund, including support for oil and LPG (now available throughout this financial year);
  • National Fuel Voucher Scheme to help households in crisis who must pay for their energy in advance (incl. gas/electric prepayment meter vouchers and a Fuel Bank Heat Fund for off-gas households who can’t afford to purchase oil/LPG/coal/wood)

Welsh Government offers a long list of support and advice in a list of topics under the heading; Get help with the cost of living

  • Benefits
  • Utility bills and council tax
  • Debt and money
  • Housing
  • Education and childcare
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Support in your local area

Local Authority Support

  • Local authorities provide a range of support to assist you with the rising cost of living, find out more information about services and support that is available in your area.

Citizens Advice Bureau 

  • People who are struggling as a result of the cost of living crisis can speak to Advice Link Cymru.

Other Support

Get Involved and Take Action

Tai Pawb:

  • Links to Tai Pawb’s Feasibility Report for the right to adequate housing in Wales and Draft Bill incorporating Right to Adequate Housing into Welsh law.

Community Energy Wales:

  •  A not for profit membership organisation, Community Energy Wales, has been set up to provide assistance and a voice to community groups working on energy projects in Wales.

Low Carbon Communities:

  • Example from Bridgend of how local councils can take action to empower local communities to produce and share renewable electricity amongst participating households whilst helping to fight the climate crisis.

Community Action:

  • Community action is the pulling together of sectors to reliably tackle fuel poverty sustainably. CAP provided these tools and assisted in creating a blueprint for best practices.
  • As an example Cardiff Council and its partners fully embraced the objectives of CAP with beneficiaries ranging from students to private and social housing tenants to frontline staff.
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