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Voices of Wales

Climate Cymru has been asking you to tell us about the things that matter the most.

Across Wales, people have been raising their voices for nature, a better world and future generations. This interactive map brings those voices together to show our leaders and policymakers what matters most to people in communities across Wales. Here's what people told us...

The future of our children depends on what we do now, no excuses, full stop, last chance.

Mary, Swansea

I want the government to stop global warming because if the ice melts the snow leopards won't have anywhere to live.

Lexi, Cardiff

A better, safer, greener future, where wildlife thrives, not just survives. Where we can see the stars and the seas are alive.

Danielle, Anglesey

I'm adding my voice for committed global action now, to save the ecosystem of our beautiful planet earth. Tomorrow will be too late.

Jill, Pembrokeshire

Please increase the facilities for cycling as a meaningful transport option throughout Wales, both in urban and rural locations.

Gordon, Carmarthenshire

I am concerned about the loss of biodiversity in our country. We need to support and protect our native wildlands and encourage all species to thrive.

Helen, Swansea

For those that can't and those yet to be born. This is THE issue of our time

Steve, Cardiff

Take a look at the interactive maps below.

The first page allows you to view the data by constituency area, which is useful if you are writing to your MS or MP.

The second page allows you to view the data nationally or regionally, by most/least deprived areas, according to the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation 2019, or both. The bar chart at the top shows you the results of the area you selected. To deselect, click the highlighted area.

We asked people what matters most? It’s not too late, you can still add your voice.

Here are some takeaways…

  1. Communities in rural areas are raising their voices for nature.
  2. Those living in urban areas are more likely to be concerned about food security, green jobs and communities around the world.
  3. Lower-income urban communities are generally more likely to raise their voices for a better world.
  4. People living in lower-income areas in West Wales are concerned about nature.
  5. The most common concern for those living in North Wales is for the wellbeing of future generations, and ensuring that they have at least the same quality of life as we do now.

Listen to their voices

Climate Cymru has spoken to thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations around Wales, and is making sure their voices are heard by the people in power. Listen to their inspirational voices in this video…

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