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Taking Your Voices to COP26

2 November, 2021
By Jennifer

This fortnight we’re in Glasgow for COP26.

Our team will take messages from Wales to the global summit, sharing your viewpoints and stories – including those we heard in person on our Green Tour.

From community farms in the city, to offshore renewable energy, Wales is already taking steps to reduce our carbon emissions, but we can all do more.


What are we doing at COP26?

Over two weeks, members of our team will be actively taking part in panel discussions. Our Campaign Manager, Sam Ward, will be in the Blue Zone, meeting daily with well-informed civil society observers who are directly embedded in the negotiations. We will also be talking to the public and meeting with members of the Welsh Government. Your messages will be presented as video and audio clips, ensuring that the viewpoints from Wales will be heard.

We continue to collaborate with our partner coalition, the Climate Coalition, and other UK wide networks to align our messages to maximize the impact of the public pressure.

How can I keep up to date with what’s going on over the next two weeks?

Here’s a quick overview of some of the events which are scheduled to take place over the next couple of weeks:

2nd, 6th and 9th November: Welsh Government Events

The Welsh Government are running a range of events, which Climate Cymru will be attending:

  • Distributed leadership, 2nd Nov, 2:15
  • Challenges and opportunities of nature based solutions delivering for climate, 6th Nov, 16:30
  • Benefits of planting trees, 9th Nov, 16:30


5th November: Blue Zone with CAT

The Centre of Alternative Technology is right in the thick of it as you’d imagine, so Climate Cymru will be attending their Blue Zone event.


6th November: Global Day of Action

We’ll be out on Glasgow’s streets for climate justice and nature for the COP26 Coalitions Global Day of Action. Climate Cymru and YCA Wales will team up to represent and hold the winning images from Earth Project 2050’s photography competition.


7th November : Green Zone Exhibition Stand with Climate Scotland

We’ll be showcasing Welsh voices, including an extended version of the ‘Messages to Our Leaders’ video that’ll be playing all day. Come on by if you are in Glasgow!


7th November : Climate Cymru Ice-Heart (2) 18.00 – 21.00

The Climate Coalition, Climate Scotland, Blue Stag, and Climate Cymru are teaming up for a united hand-in of the British voices, to the UK government. Stand by for ice heart… mark two!


9th November: Voices from the Nations, 11:00- 12:00

We are running an event with Climate Scotland, which you can attend online or in-person.

“Voices from the Nations – Wales and Scotland in the Climate and Nature Conversation” is FREE to join in, but you’ll need to buy a ticket in advance.

Reserve yours here >> https://visitscotland.eventsair.com/scotlands-climate-ambition-zone/climate-scotland-and-climate-cymru/Site/Register

Panellists include Lee Waters, Deputy Climate Change Minister, Welsh Government, Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for Net-zero, Energy & Transport and Aedán Smith, Head of Policy and Advocacy, RSPB Scotland.

Also on the panel are Youth Climate Ambassadors Ellie Sanders and Leo Clara-Read from Wales, alongside the Climate Cymru Campaign Manager, Sam Ward. The youth activists from Scotland are Mollie and Rob Knott.

10th November: Connecting Wales, Youth Voice and COP26, Tower Base South, 12:30- 14:00

A youth led panel event, with representation from Wales Youth Climate Ambassadors, key politicians and influencers, and indigenous voices.

11th November: Climate Change Committee

We’ll be hosting Wales’ Climate Change Committee for a day. Partners will be hosting committee members all over Wales in the morning and our Campaign Manager, Sam, will run an online webinar from COP26.

The webinar is centered around the voices of the people and organisations of Wales, the change they are calling for, the policies they’d like to see implemented, and the hurdles getting in the way of rapid climate action.


12th November: The Future Generations Office

The Future Generations Office is hosting a Green Zone event, and a central feature will be an amazing piece of art, representing and engraved with, Climate Cymru voices!

How do I receive the latest news from Climate Cymru?

Keep up to date with our latest news by following @climatecymru (Facebook and Twitter) and @climate.cymru (Instagram). You can also sign up to our COP26 news updates by emailing helo@climate.cymru

Is it too late to add my voice and join the campaign?

Not at all! As messages are submitted online, you can send over your message in an instant – anytime, anywhere. So far, we have collected over 11,000 voices… and counting!

What do you think we should be doing in Wales to combat the nature and climate crisis? How can your community do more to protect the landscape we love?

Add your voice here >> https://climate.cymru/add-your-voice/


How do we add our voices as a school, community group or business?

You can add your voices via our website. Use the link below to take you directly to the page:


School and community groups > https://climate.cymru/schools/add-your-class/

Business > https://climate.cymru/businesses/add-your-business/

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