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Ysgol Dinas Brân

Ysgol Dinas Brân is a local community school with a national reputation for excellence. Our school’s motto, “Success through Effort” and our aims “To be the best School in Wales” and “to provide a first-class education for our children in a secure, calm, enjoyable and stimulating atmosphere” are translated into action through the hard work, commitment and expertise of our staff and the happy, positive ethos at our school.

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“Our school is taking action on climate change. We have already made significant changes to help us to reduce our carbon footprint, and to encourage others to do the same. We have reduced the amount of single-use plastic in the school and are working to gain plastic free status. We have already had a petition mentioned in the Houses of Parliament, and most recently we invested in a 150w solar panel scheme made up of 375 panels, which allowed us to be completely off grid for 2 hours in the first week of term! We have also made heating improvements meaning we now have either anti tamper thermostats or room thermostats in each room. The whole school has push button taps allowing us to save water. We even buy preloved furniture where available - during the summer some of our rooms, which were badly in need of repair and extra storage space, were improved with cupboards bought from another County Council. Even small things like this done by lots of people can make a difference!”

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