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Ysgol Gynradd Gymunedol Gymraeg Llantrisant

Ysgol Gynradd Gymunedol Gymraeg Llantrisant is a caring community in which all individuals matter. Each pupil is equally important and equally valued.
The school strives to help young people develop the knowledge, skills, self-confidence and awareness to contribute fully to society. The school’s ethos is shaped by working towards care, consideration and respect being shown between pupils, staff and the community. We expect pupils of every age to behave in an appropriate manner whilst at school and show a high level of self-respect, respect towards others around them in addition to respect for the school, whilst trying their best to uphold the good name of the school at every opportunity.

The aim of the school’s curriculum is to promote spiritual, social, moral and cultural development of the pupils and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and life experiences as adults.

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“Tackling Climate Change is important because we are aware that Climate change contributes to flooding, drought, illness and extinction on our planet. We do not want the Earth's temperature to rise by 1.5c and must act now. Please act now by planting trees and cutting emissions for the sake of our future!”

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