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Youth Climate Ambassadors For Wales

Youth Climate Ambassadors for Wales (YCA) are a group of 12 young people from across Wales who are passionate Climate Activists fighting for Climate Justice.

They are supported by Size of Wales and the Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA), and funded by the Scottish Power Foundation, with the aims and actions led by the Youth Climate Ambassadors for Wales.

“As an organisation of youth climate activists, we recognise that Climate change will impact every aspect of our lives both internationally and in Wales. Therefore, it must be taken seriously as a global issue. Climate action is essential to protect the planet and the futures of generations to come. We only have a small window of time to act, Governments should be committing to and taking action to protect the future of the planet, before it's too late."" YCA is passionate about and prioritises amplifying the youth voice in regards to climate action. We want to not only encourage, but empower young people to take action over their future and the future of the planet whilst working with and maintaining constructive relationships with current decision makers. We hope to reflect this in our work.”

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