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University of Wales Trinity Saint David

University of Wales Trinity Saint David is part of the UWTSD Group, a confederation of several institutions, which includes the University of Wales, as well as Coleg Sir Gâr and Coleg Ceredigion as constituent colleges. The Group offers a continuum from FE to HE for the benefit of learners, employers and communities.

UWTSD’s vision is to be a University with a commitment to the well-being and heritage of the nation at the heart of all its activities. Central to the vision is the promotion and embedding of a dual-sector educational system which educates learners of all ages and backgrounds, and stimulates economic development in the region, across Wales and beyond.

The University’s was founded in 1822 and will celebrate its bicentenary in 2022. It is the birthplace of higher education in Wales. Its 1828 Royal Charter is the oldest of any university in Wales. The University’s campuses are located in Swansea Carmarthen, Lampeter, Cardiff, London and Birmingham.

UWTSD is committed to placing students at the centre of its mission by providing a relevant and inspiring bilingual curriculum, providing a supportive learning environment, investing in its campuses and facilities and ensuring that students, from all backgrounds, are given the opportunity to achieve their potential.

“At UWTSD we believe in ‘Transforming Lives’ through ‘Transforming Education’. We see addressing the climate emergency, and the sustainable development agenda, as an integral part of this ongoing transformational approach and it is important that we play our part. We are delighted to be the first University to sign up to this campaign to help ‘shine the beacon of hope’ for everyone in Wales and beyond. We recognise that every effort, no matter how small, can make a positive difference to the future generations that will pass not only through our doors, but to everyone within our wider communities.”

“Making a positive difference is not an option, it’s a way of life at UWTSD. Our aim is to ensure that our students, staffs and partners are educated to make informed decisions, to support both the survival of humanity and the planet as one. ”

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