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The Centre for African Entrepreneurship

Created in 2015, the Centre for African Entrepreneurship initially aimed to fill a gap in provision for people from African background. Since then, CAE has expanded its mission and vision to also meet the needs of all ethnically diverse communities in Wales. We are a community centre that aims to inspire, support and promote disadvantaged ethnically diverse communities. Our work tackles poverty, inequality, and the issues and challenges faced by ethnically diverse people in Swansea and Wales. We have experience delivering a range of successful projects locally, providing practical and easily accessible training for disadvantaged people from ethnically diverse background, addressing the specific day-to-day challenges that this group faces. We provide cultural resources and opportunity structures that facilitate access to business opportunities for disadvantaged people.

“The communities we support at the CAE are primarily refugees and asylum seekers, and we are aware of the hardships which come with being displaced. Climate action is important to our organisation because everyone has the right to a safe and peaceful life, yet over 20 million people are displaced on average per year as a result of climate change. Climate migration is set to be the greatest challenge of our era, and our government is failing to recognise the severity of this problem. Those who are most effected are being left out of the climate conversation. We are asking our government to take action now to mitigate climate-related displacement...to stop sweeping responsibility under the rug, and include the voices of all, especially those most marginalised.”

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