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Pontypridd Land Society

The Pontypridd Land Society has been set up to support sustainable development for the benefit of the public by the preservation / conservation of land and buildings for the relief of poverty and regeneration within and surrounding the town of Pontypridd. The long-term vision of the Pontypridd Land Society is to establish a community benefit society which can purchase land and property for the purposes of long-term sustainable development and community regeneration.

“The distribution of land in the UK is highly uneven, with most of the population excluded from the land which surrounds them. Community led regeneration and action on climate change can therefore be heavily dependent on gaining the permission of public or private sector property land-owners before being able to develop projects or initiatives'. This initial process can itself consume a great deal of community capacity, greatly limiting what it is possible for communities to do. By introducing community right to buy legislations, similar to that which already exists in Scotland, buildings and land could be made available to communities so that they can realise their own priorities without having to go begging for permissions from others. From small plots of green space within urban areas, to the vast land holdings tied up in private estates, the UK is not short of the land it needs to feed itself and meet community needs. What is short in as access to that land. ”

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