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Here Now Films

Here Now is a video production company based in Cardiff Wales. We create content for business, people and projects that are trying to make the world a better place. Our work spans brand films, documentaries, video campaigns and much much more. Over the last two years we've created documentaries for BBC world and raised thousands of pounds for companies and projects that are looking to make a difference to the world.

“As a company we believe that film has the power to make change and give a voice movements that matter. As marine biologists and scientists before we started the company we have a deep connection and care for the world around us and are passionate that now is the time to make the biggest impact on how the next 100 years play out. We want to see resources and a plan behind how we are going to make changes not elsewhere but right here on our doorstep. I believe we have to act local whilst thinking global. Nature is incredibly resilient, we may feel doom and gloom but there is always hope and we can always save what we have to create a world rich in biodiversity and stable for all its inhabitants. ”

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