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Food Cardiff

Food Cardiff believes that the food we eat has a huge impact on life in Cardiff - not just on people’s health, but on communities and businesses, individual farmers, and the environment too.

Food Cardiff believes that food should be good for people, good for the place we live, and good for our planet as well as being affordable and tasty. Good food creates strong, healthy communities. The way it’s produced respects people, animals and the natural environment and the way it’s sold supports the local economy.

Sitting within Food Sense Wales, Food Cardiff acts as a hub for connecting people and projects working to promote healthy, sustainable and ethical food; acts as a voce for wider change as well as being the catalyst for changing the local food system in Cardiff.

“Food Cardiff's 5 Good Food Goals includes: An environmentally sustainable Cardiff: We want the way food is produced, bought and consumed to benefit nature, tackle climate change and prevent food waste.”

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