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Chomuzangari Womens Cooperative

Chomuzangari Women’s Cooperative (CWC) is a non-profit organisation based in Wales. CWC was established to assist women in rural Zimbabwe in improving their livelihoods. Through that action we have found most of their issues are based on the climate and have been working towards initiatives to improve the environment and make a difference.

“Mae gweithredu ar yr hinsawdd yn bwysig i'n cenhedlaeth, oherwydd bod y blaned yn rhoi bywyd i ni drwy ei hecosystemau, a'n gwaith ni yw ei chadw'n iach. Mae’n rhaid inni greu dyfodol gwell i genedlaethau’r dyfodol, ac mae’n rhaid edrych ar hyn dros y byd i gyd er mwyn sicrhau nad oes neb yn cael ei adael ar ôl.”

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