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Bwyd Dros Ben Aber Food Surplus

Aber Food Surplus are a pioneering not-for-profit social enterprise focused on tackling food waste and delivering meaningful community change. They aim to tackle the root causes of problems and do this in a collaborative, creative and constructive way. They are taking action on climate change, and doing it now, where they believe they can make a difference. Right there, in their local community. Their vision is to facilitate Aberystwyth to become a zero-food waste town and in the process provide empowering opportunities, and build local food resilience.

“Growing, cooking and sharing food as a community contributes to a more sustainable, exciting and participatory food system where we can learn together about healthy lifestyles, and contributing positively to our environments. Changing how we produce and access food could make a positive impact on our environments, and bring joy, resilience and entrepreneurialism to our communities.”

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