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Brevio is a UK Social Enterprise and B Corp on a mission to streamline and simplify grant research and application management with a feature-rich, intuitive platform that quantitatively matches grant eligibility criteria to the real-time funding needs of charitable organisations. Brevios mission is to make researching and applying for UK charitable grants more efficient, accessible and rewarding by using data-led insights to match nonprofits and funders.

“As an organisation Brevio is committed to promoting environmental stewardship and reducing our environmental impacts as often as possible. Brevio has policies and procedures in place to ensure we source environmentally friendly vendors, set resource priorities, ensure responsible disposal, and take opportunities to uphold and promote environmental stewardship both within the business, in your community and in everyday life. In addition to this Brevio's mission is to reduce waste and inefficiency in the third sector, this includes environmental charities using our platform who can save significant amounts of time by only having to make one application. The saved resources can be redirected into the environmental protection/conservation missions of these charities.”

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