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Let’s show our leaders just how much we care

We’re sending our leaders a message - we want strong and meaningful commitments to protect the things we love, and to make a better future for us all.

Making our voices heard

The climate and nature emergency threatens our communities, our ways of life, and our beautiful Welsh places. It’s happening now, and many of us are already seeing it in our day-to-day lives.

But there is hope.


The Paris Agreement, signed by 196 countries in December 2015, was a major step forward in humanity’s commitment to tackle climate change.

In November 2021, world leaders will gather again at the UN’s COP26 summit in Glasgow. It’s a real chance to create a better future for our communities here in Wales and around the world. But, this time, we need them to go further.

10,000 voices

We want to make sure our leaders arrive at the summit with the voices of Wales ringing in their ears. We want to make sure they know just how much we care.

This is your chance to tell them to protect the Wales you love, and to make a better future for communities here in Wales and around the world.

Add your voice
Add your voice

Our campaign principles

We’re Welsh and international

We are a proudly Welsh campaign. But, here in Wales, we also care deeply about the world beyond our shores. We want to make a better future for communities both here in Wales and around the world.

We’re for everyone

Climate change affects us all, and we all deserve a voice in what happens next. We want to hear from people of all walks of life. We want to build a diverse movement across political, cultural, religious, demographic and sectoral boundaries.

You own the message

We’re not here to ask for specific policies or provide all the answers. We want to hear from the people of Wales. We want to know what you care about, and what you think needs to be done.

We’re hopeful

Climate change can be scary and it’s easy to lose heart. But we want to focus on what can be achieved – the Wales we can protect and the future we can make. Change can’t happen without hope, and we believe that meaningful change is possible. There are already fantastic examples of dedicated people and organisations around Wales who are making a difference.

It’s on government

We’re putting the onus back on the government to take the lead on climate change. We know we need to make changes as people and businesses, but it’s for governments to show leadership, and to make sure our efforts are backed up by effective policies. As host nation for the COP26 climate summit, there’s a responsibility on the UK Government in particular to show international leadership.

Our journey to COP26

The UN COP26 climate summit will take place in Glasgow in November 2021. This is our plan to make sure the voices of Wales are heard by our leaders.

March 2021 – the launch

Our campaign launches with a call for 10,000 voices. If we can get them, we’ll send a giant ice sculpture of a heart to the Senedd, to show our leaders in Wales just how much we care.

May 2021 – 10,000 voices on ice

With your help, we’ll reach our first target, and we’ll get our ice sculpture ready to go.

Summer 2021 – Sending our heart to the Senedd

We’ll take our giant ice sculpture to the Senedd, sending a powerful message to our leaders here in Wales and around the world – the people of Wales want meaningful action on climate change.

November 2021 – Taking 50,000 voices to Glasgow

We want 50,000 of your voices to take with us to the UN’s COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. We’ll put your messages in front of our leaders and make sure your voices are heard.


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Help us reach 10,000 voices and we’ll send a giant ice heart to the Senedd to show them just how much you care.

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