New Role: Climate Cymru BAME Community Coordinator

2 February, 2024



Employed by:          Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA)


Responsible to: Head of Climate Cymru
Salary and pension: £28,109 Pro Rata

Automatic enrolment into our pension scheme and the WCIA will match your contribution up to a maximum of 5% of your gross salary (minimum 4%)

Employment terms: A 10.5-month contract. 
Base: Remote working (with the option for office or hybrid work at WCIA, Temple of Peace, Cardiff).
Hours: 2 days a week (14.8 hours). Actual weekly hours may vary which will be managed through our TOIL and flexible working policies.

There may be options for additional hours to participate in other Climate Cymru work areas. 

Leave allowance: 36 days, including bank holidays, pro rata.


Travel: If required to travel for work, expenses will be provided.


About Climate Cymru


Climate Cymru (https://climate.cymru/) is a movement of thousands of individuals, and a diverse network of over 370 organisations from all sectors in Wales – universities, businesses, charities, faith groups, institutions, community groups, social enterprises, and unions. We recognise that the climate and nature emergencies require urgent, fair action. We believe that action should be guided by science and the voices of people across Wales. 


Climate Cymru is hosted by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA) on behalf of the network. WCIA is a charity that inspires people in Wales to learn about and take action on global issues. WCIA’s vision is that everyone in Wales contributes to creating a fairer and more peaceful world.


Climate Cymru is an effective, and powerful vehicle for change in Welsh society. We are genuinely committed to making a transformational impact. We instigate change by:  

  •   Putting pressure on those with power to take concrete action
  •   Engaging productively with Welsh Government 
  •   Making sure voices from across Wales are heard and represented 
  •   Inspiring and connecting our network
  •   Amplifying and accelerating our partners’ work
  •   Sharing important information and opportunities with our network and the wider public 
  •   Learning from society in Wales, and beyond
  •   Building broad public support for action
  •   Representing Welsh voices and organisations nationally and internationally


Climate Cymru is growing, has a number of very exciting prospects for projects on the horizon, and is looking for changemakers who are keen to be a central part of building an organisation and movement to transform Welsh society.


About Climate Cymru BAME

BAME individuals in Wales, and around the world, have done little to contribute to the climate crisis, but are disproportionately impacted. A few Climate Cymru ambassadors independently formed a group for themselves and other BAME individuals to organise and connect, and named the group “Climate Cymru BAME”. 


“Many of our original group are based in Gwynedd, which has the oldest and poorest quality housing stock in Europe, the most expensive electricity in the UK and high levels of fuel poverty. The communities where we live are affected deeply by the cost of living crisis. People are suffering. We want to do something about it. We believe we have wisdom to share, and that our leaders need to hear and consider carefully the lived experience of BAME communities who are on the front lines of all of these crises. We also know there are other BAME individuals around Wales that care deeply about these issues who would benefit from the connection with other BAME individuals, and the shared voice that this group helps provide.” 


The group up until now, has been led by Dr Salamatu Fada, and is reliant on volunteer time, which is a real constraint on the activities, particularly in BAME communities sitting at the intersection of interconnecting crises. The group approached Climate Cymru (and WCIA) to explore the possibility of hosting a staff member, to help unlock the aspirations and activities of the group – and this role is the result.


Summary of Role

The coordinator will be supported, paid and hosted by Climate Cymru within WCIA, and the activities and priorities for the work will be determined by the Climate Cymru BAME group and their leadership. All activity will need to work within the boundaries of charity law and WCIA policies as well as align with Climate Cymru’s guiding principles). 


Bydd y cydlynydd yn cael ei gefnogi, ei dalu a’i gynnal gan Climate Cymru o fewn WCIA, a bydd y gweithgareddau a’r blaenoriaethau ar gyfer y gwaith yn cael eu pennu gan grŵp BAME Climate Cymru a’u harweinyddiaeth. Bydd angen i bob gweithgaredd weithio o fewn ffiniau’r gyfraith elusennau a pholisïau WCIA yn ogystal ag alinio ag egwyddorion arweiniol Climate Cymru).


The work is funded by the Warm this Winter Campaign (UK and Wales) which is demanding action that addresses the interconnected cost-of-living, energy and climate crises. 

The goal is to ensure our communities get their say on how our leaders respond to the cost-of-living and climate crises. With our support, you’ll identify a range of willing individuals with direct lived experience of fuel poverty and climate injustice and help train and support them to be able to talk compellingly to the press and at key campaigning moments.


With your expertise and lived experience, we aim to widen the participation in the group to other BAME change makers in Wales to help create a safe space to collaborate, share ideas, inspiration and opportunities, as well as act as a tool to help remove barriers to BAME involvement in grassroots action. 

Byddwn hefyd yn cynnal cyfres o drafodaethau cymunedol, digwyddiadau, gweithgareddau ymgyrchu a gweithgareddau wedi’u lledaenu dros 2024 ar hyd themâu gofynion ymgyrch Gynnes Gaeaf Yma, ac alinio’r digwyddiad orau â phosibl y digwyddiadau ag eiliadau ymgyrchu allweddol ac anghenion ymgyrchu ehangach.”


Specific responsibilities for this role include:


  1. Convene a group of representatives from BAME communities around Wales and set up and host a calendar of regular meetings to help gather input on the Climate Cymru (CC) BAME group’s work. 


  1. Steered by CC BAME’s leadership, and the convened group of representatives, coordinate the group’s activities and work, alongside volunteers, to bring the group’s ideas to fruition. This is likely to involve: 
  • Running community events
  • Coordinating campaign activities 
  • Gathering community voices and helping ensure they are heard by decision-makers and the wider climate movement
  • Finding community members with lived experience of the challenges of sitting at the intersection of multiple crises, who can act as powerful voices in press, media and campaigning for the group and as part of the wider Warm this Winter campaign and movement. Supporting those individuals to access the training, skills and confidence necessary for this work. Being an intermediary between those individuals and other parties (such as press & media) – ensuring that other parties act sensitively and appropriately. 
  • Engaging in, and helping deliver, political lobbying and campaigning activities on behalf of the group, including inspiring action in the wider BAME community to help address the interlocking crises.  
  1. Act as a connection between the group and wider Climate Cymru & Warm this Winter activities. Sharing information, ideas and potential collaborations in both directions. 


  1. Where appropriate, sincerely and inclusively, represent the group and the interests of the members in a variety of places and circumstances, to help co-create and shape the wider Warm this Winter campaign activities, as well as Climate Cymru movement priorities.  


  1. Expand the Group’s members to other individuals and BAME communities around Wales.  


  1. Communicate clearly and effectively on behalf of the group. This will include some social media and digital communications, speaking at events and meetings, and press and media work. 


  1. Gaining additional and transferable skills, with which you will be able to continue some legacy aspects of the project.


  1. Ensuring bilingual output  
  1. Ensure all external communication from Climate Cymru is bilingual in English and Welsh by working with our in-house translator.  


  1. Undertaking other relevant duties as delegated by the Head of Climate Cymru and leadership of the Climate Cymru BAME group

 Person Specification


Applicants must demonstrate the following attributes by linking them with relevant experiences and achievements in the job application statement.


Essential requirements

The successful candidate will be able to:

  1. Represent Climate Cymru BAME Group sincerely and authentically
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of, and commitment to, Climate Cymru’s mission and WCIA’s mission and vision. 
  3. Demonstrate a deep commitment to action for climate, nature, and social justice and a drive to be a part of transforming our society for the better.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the diverse cultural backgrounds within BAME communities and an ability to navigate and work effectively in multicultural environments.
  5. Strong networking skills to connect with relevant organizations, influencers, and leaders in both the climate and BAME communities. This includes building and maintaining positive relationships with community leaders and organizations and fostering new partnerships. 
  6. Treat people fairly, with dignity and respect, and be able to encourage people from all backgrounds to get involved in Climate Cymru’s work, including those who have had fewer opportunities to engage in the past.
  7. General ICT literacy and competence
  8. Good people and collaboration skills.
  9. Capability to communicate in a targeted and empathetic way. Strong verbal and written communication skills to engage with diverse communities and stakeholders. 


Desirable attributes


  1. Strong project management skills including experience in coordinating events, workshops, and educational programs, and the ability to plan, execute, and oversee projects related to climate action and community involvement.
  2. Working history of public engagement or campaigns. Proven experience in community outreach and engagement, particularly within BAME communities, and the ability to mobilize and inspire participation in climate action initiatives.
  3. An understanding of policy frameworks related to climate change and the ability to advocate for inclusive policies, including familiarity with climate policies, sustainability practices, and environmental justice principles.
  4. Experience working closely with press & media, particularly within Wales.
  5. Broad knowledge of issues connected to Climate Cymru’s work. For example, climate and nature crises, climate justice, interconnected social justice issues, community climate action and climate solutions.
    Having an established network and connections within Welsh society that is relevant and useful to Climate Cymru and BAME group’s work.  
  6. Communicate nuanced climate and social justice-related information in an accessible and culturally sensitive manner.


Application Process

  • All applicants should complete the Equal Opportunities form, available at https://uk.surveymonkey.com/r/89QJ36Z . Please note that these are separated from your application form upon receipt and not shared with the shortlisting or interview panel.
  • Please submit your application by email to centre@wcia.org.uk. Please get in touch if you have any access requirements in order to apply.
  • The deadline for receipt of applications is 9am 12th February 2024. We will send an email acknowledgement to all applicants. If you do not receive an acknowledgement before the deadline, please contact us. We cannot be held responsible for applications that do not reach us, or that arrive after the deadline. 
  • If you are shortlisted for an interview, we will contact you directly. Interviews will take place as soon as possible after the deadline. We will communicate with shortlisted candidates at an agreeable time for all involved. 
  • No references will be taken up until a provisional offer of employment has been made.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will be informed by email.

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