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Thousands write to the the First Minister, demanding Wales has a Nature Positive Bill without delay 

Letters and messages from more than 2,000 members of the public and 350 organisations, have been handed into the Welsh Government at the Senedd on Tuesday 20th June. They are demanding urgent action for nature as a UN report states 1 million species are at risk.

The event was led by a group of young people, including Youth Climate Ambassadors for Wales and was the culmination of months of campaigning by over 350 organisations across Wales, who say urgent action is needed to establish an independent watchdog, to speed up nature’s recovery.

During Great Big Green Week, 10-18th June, Climate Cymru toured around Wales in an electric vehicle to destinations across Wales, collecting hundreds of letters and messages from communities, children and young people, which were handed in at the Senedd today. 

One message from Grace a Year 7 pupil from Ysgol Dinas Brân, Llangollen said:

“Nature means everything to me. It means life, being able to live happily, being able to not stress about our future, being safe on our own planet, being…us, and who we’re meant to be.”

BBC presenter, Iolo Williams, said: 

“It’s fantastic to see this upswell of support across Wales for the protection of nature. We all know how critical it is for our health and wellbeing, for the future of our children and grandchildren, and for the sheer wonder of it. Now, we need the Welsh Government to take the real action that this campaign is calling for. We need deeds, not just words. It’s important that politicians hear that we care about nature and how much of society wants to see nature thrive. I support Climate Cymru’s campaign to make that happen and I hope you, your business, or group can get behind it too.”

The letters and messages demanding: “urgent action for nature including legally binding targets for nature’s recovery and restoration, and an independent environmental watchdog” were presented on a giant scroll and hundreds of leaves. 

Wales Youth Ambassador Liliana Snedden (21), who read the letter outside the Senedd, said:

“I wanted to be involved today to tell the First Minister to listen to the hundreds of organisations and people in Wales who are demanding real action through the passing of this Bill. On behalf of the current and future youth of Wales, I plead with the First Minister and the Welsh Government to take action today so that we, and nature, can have the tomorrow we deserve. I’m here because I want my great grandchildren to know that the nation did everything we could to preserve our planet for their future.”

The Nature Positive campaigners believe this letter from organisations such RSPB Cymru, WWF Cymru, the Wildlife Trust Wales, community, faith groups, schools and individuals, to be the largest ever sent to the Welsh Government. 

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