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This is a new kind of movement. A movement that spans Welsh society - universities, businesses, unions, charities, schools, faith organisations, institutions, social enterprises, community groups, and concerned citizens.

We are calling for change, but also working productively together for a better future.

It's free and easy to join, and is flexible how much, or little, you engage moving forwards.


Are you concerned about what is happening to our climate and the natural world? Frustrated about the lack of urgency? Want to be a part of building a better society for ourselves and future generations?

We have all sorts of options for individuals, ranging from a straightforward online action, to being a core part of a team at the centre of transforming Welsh society for the better.

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Young people have played a pivotal role in Climate Cymru since the beginning, they have done the least to contribute, and have the most at stake.

Education has a unique potential to inspire and transform, we hope Climate Cymru schools can teach pupils the skills of being active citizens, and empower them to participate in their own future.

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Civil Society

There are already hundreds of civil society organisations in the network, with a wide range of interest areas – from human rights to food security, conservation to the cost of living. The climate and nature emergency affects us all, and each interest area deserves a voice in what happens next. Any type of civil society organisation can join.

Effective cooperation makes each organisation stronger, and the collective call for action more powerful. Together, we’re a diverse and powerful voice for modern Wales.


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Businesses have a critical role in the transformation of our societies. Companies of the future have values that include people and the planet.

This network is an opportunity to reach across society and to tell our leaders what climate change means for your business, and what action you need from them to unlock your potential to be a critical part of the solution.

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Community Groups

It can be hard to know how to make a difference, or how to be a part of driving the wider change our society needs.

Climate Cymru is working to make sure the voices of people in Wales are heard by leaders. Communities are at the heart of our work and even the smallest local groups have the same voice within our network as the largest institutions, businesses, or charities.

We offer the opportunity for your group to take an active role in shaping our collective future


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