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The Climate Coalition, our UK-wide partner coalition, are planning the Great Big Green Week – a national call for action on climate change. Thousands of grassroots events around the UK will be taking place from 24th of September to the 2nd of October, that collectively will unleash a wave of support for action to protect the planet. Climate Cymru are supporting this with hundreds of events around Wales.

From beach cleans to film screenings to community fairs, there’s bound to be something to get involved with in your local area. Click here to find an event near you or sign up your own event.

If you are hosting an event, please use the resources in this pack to help you sign people up to Climate Cymru. You’ll find a contact sheet and an information sheet, which you can print out and send back to us.

You’ll find links to bilingual graphics, logos, press releases and social media copy here, as well as information about how to organise and promote Great Big Green Week to your groups, members, colleagues and politicians, who might want to run an event of their own or get involved.

Please add your event to the Great Big Green Week website to make sure members of your community and politicians can find you.

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