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Beyond COP - from campaign and network to movement

Climate Cymru is a growing, active network of hundreds of organisations from every sector in Welsh society, and a movement of thousands of individuals and community groups from across Wales.

What we do

Climate Cymru drives change by 

  • Putting pressure on those with power to take meaningful action
  • Engaging productively with the Welsh Government 
  • Making sure voices from across Wales are heard and represented 
  • Inspiring and connecting our network
  • Amplifying and accelerating our partners’ work
  • Sharing important information and opportunities with our network and the wider public 
  • Learning from society in Wales, and beyond
  • Building broad public support for action
  • Representing Welsh voices and organisations nationally and internationally

Our principles

Our network spans interest groups from all backgrounds, sectors, and corners of Wales, but is brought together by our basic principles, which every individual, group, and partner organisation agrees to as they join:

We recognise that the climate and nature emergency requires urgent, fair action. We believe that action should be guided by science and the voices of people across Wales. 

Organisations also agree to the 5 ways of working, and the 7 goals of the future generations act.

What we want

As urgently as possible: 

  • Net zero Wales
  • Nature positive Wales 
  • Climate justice both in Wales and internationally
  • Welsh Society to embrace the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act. 

The transition to achieving these goals should be just and equitable, and properly take into consideration the diversity of voices and needs of the people of Wales, and more broadly, the most vulnerable around the world.

Ways of working 

  • We are guided by a steering group, which is made up of our members. 
  • We encourage and welcome co-production and participation in decision-making from our network for all major decisions wherever possible. 
  • A small team of staff and volunteers deliver much of Climate Cymru’s work, supported by the partner network where possible. 
  • We are hosted by one of our partners, the Welsh Centre for International Affairs. 
  • We work closely with Stop Climate Chaos Cymru, who were instrumental in the success of the original campaign.  
  • We operate bilingually in Welsh and English with all our external communications. 

There is power in numbers

Add your name to support Climate Cymru, and tell us what you care about.

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