Climate change and Welsh nature

How Welsh nature is responding to climate change, and how it can be part of the solution.

Feeling the effects

Nature in Wales is already feeling the effects of climate change and, as time goes on, it will feel them ever more strongly.

Some species will benefit, and we’ll see new species arrive in Wales as they move here from areas affected by changes further south.

But changes in the timing of the seasons mean food sources are now unreliable or out of sync with the species who rely on them.

Species and habitats will also suffer as we experience less frequent but heavier rainfall. We’re already seeing more frequent extreme weather events, leading to the flooding we’ve seen in Wales over recent years. As well as devastating parts of our towns and cities, this has significant impacts on wildlife.


Nature as a solution

But while nature is affected by climate change, it can also be part of the solution – helping us address its impacts and adapt to the changes it brings.

Restoring and creating habitats like peatlands, woodlands and salt marshes can bring a number of benefits.

Many of these habitats are currently degraded, causing more carbon to be released into the atmosphere.

They are also often fragmented into relatively small areas. Connecting them up again can improve their resilience to climate change. It also allows populations of wildlife to become more joined up and increases their ability to adapt to the changing climate.


Restoring habitats

Restoring habitats can stop them leaking carbon into the atmosphere, and they begin to capture and store it instead, counteracting the harmful emissions produced by our activities.

Restored peatlands and well-placed woodlands can also help reduce the risk of flooding following more regular, heavy rain events, while restored salt marshes and other coastal habitats can act as a flood defence against storm events and rising sea levels.

There are also health and well-being benefits from restoring and creating these habitats as they provide access to rich and diverse green spaces for us to enjoy.

Protect what you love

Tell our leaders to protect the Wales we love from the climate and nature emergency. Send a giant ice heart to the Senedd to show them just how much you care.

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