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Race to Zero

Race to Zero is a global framework for ambitious, robust, 1.5-degree-aligned climate action aiming to deliver a healthier, fairer zero-carbon world.

Race to Zero Cymru aims to get the whole of welsh society aligned, with comprehensive, and ambitious climate plans, including all levels of government as well as Wales' key institutions and organisations.

We want Wales to be the first Race to Zero nation.

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Why Race to Zero? 

  • Ambition in line with the Paris Agreement, and Welsh Government commitments.
  • Transparency mandated by Race to Zero enables public trust for the transition we need
  • A vision for a healthier, fairer future is embedded in the initiative, where society can meet the needs of those who most need support.
  • Consumption emissions are considered – a key loophole that needs closing in many action plans, tied to emissions for goods consumed in an area, but made elsewhere.
  • Robust data on emissions and plans, consistent across society
  • A compelling local-to-global vision to inspire support and action – within organisations and with stakeholders and the public
  • Focus on area-based emissions reduction, not just internal operational emissions – supporting communities to transition to a low-carbon future
  • Access to a huge wealth of knowledge and resources via the C40 Knowledge Hub – including resources on community engagement aligned with the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act ways of working
  • Collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving with other signatories in Wales and globally
  • Investment – clear, ambitious, aligned, and coherent climate plans, are a very appealing prospect for the right kind of investors including thousands of Race to Zero aligned organisations globally.
  • Existing emissions reduction work can fit into Race to Zero Plans
  • Formal recognition by the UN
  • Using a global framework, accessible everywhere, opens up the potential for Wales to be an inspiration for the rest of the world to follow. 
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Local Authorities – a key role to play

Local authorities have powers or influence over a third of emissions in their local areas – so they are crucial to transforming Wales to a net-zero future. At the moment, most focus on their own operational emissions, only a small piece of their possible influence, rather than leading society-wide action in their area.

The UN’s Race to Zero initiative is supporting, galvanising and unlocking action by local governments and others across the globe – scaling up the rigorous and immediate action needed to deliver a healthier, fairer zero carbon world.

Half of Wales’ 22 local authorities are on a path to joining Race to Zero – we want all of them to join and engage local communities in developing and delivering locally-tailored plans.

Local authority members of Race to Zero deliver, on average, three times more climate action because they have high-ambition plans and are better at attracting investment. Well-planed action can also secure more wellbeing benefits, and deliver positive impacts both locally and globally.

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