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Nature Positive

Nature is in serious decline. One in six species in Wales are at risk of extinction, meaning that when today’s young people are older, some of the most iconic species of the British countryside could already have been lost forever.

Nature Positive Campaign

Fortunately, this year the COP15 biodiversity summit will provide a once in a decade chance to set a new global goal to save nature. This goal should be a ‘Nature Positive’ one, meaning that, by 2030, we have more nature at the end of the decade than we started with. World leaders will set a range of biodiversity targets to drive transformative action to recover nature.

With so much progress on the global stage, Wales risks falling behind. The Welsh Government has dragged its feet and nature continues to suffer as a result.

To uphold its reputation as a world leader in tackling the nature and climate emergency, the Welsh Government must:

  • Support the international calls for a Nature Positive global goal at the upcoming COP15 summit and set in legislation a duty to achieve a Nature Positive Wales by mainstreaming action for biodiversity across all Welsh Government portfolios.
  • Bring forward an Environmental Protection Bill to set out a framework for legally binding nature recovery targets and create a strong independent environmental governance body for Wales at the earliest opportunity.
  • To increase public investment in nature’s recovery, ensuring that all government departments’ spending reflects the Nature Positive goal, as well as harnessing private investment in nature while supporting communities, via well managed and regulated markets.


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