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We all have a stake in what happens next, and we all deserve a voice.

This is your opportunity to tell our leaders what climate change means for your business, and what action you need from them to be part of the solution.

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Wales and COP26

Taking Wales to the UN Climate Summit

Whether you’re a multinational corporation, a small independent business, or anything in between, the climate and nature emergency affects us all.

Government needs to know how much we care. And they need to know what business needs from them to play its full part in tackling the climate and nature emergency.

“We’re happy to make the changes we need to as a business, but we need a policy framework from our leaders to make sure we’re all pulling in the same direction. ”

Dan Sargent, Creative Director, Blue Stag

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Tell our leaders how climate change affects your business, and what action you need from them so that businesses like yours can be part of the solution.

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