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Sweetmans and Partners

Sweetmans and Partners are an award-winning B Corporation that exists to make a positive difference to their clients, people and communities. They specialise in working with purpose led organisations and the financial, legal and professional services sector to lead, adapt and respond to the complex world in which we operate.

Why do you care about the climate?

We believe that we all have a responsibility to protect and nurture our climate, for current and future generations.The contribution of every person, team, organisation and network can make a positive difference to our collective challenges.

What action do you want to see from our leaders?

To ensure the climate features as a key stakeholder in all decision making, strategic and operational.

To rethink how we define and measure success as a nation.

To take action with a sense of collective urgency and commitment to the climate.

To clearly communicate decisions and how the long term and short term impacts have been considered and weighed up.

What gives you hope for the future?

Our individual and collective capacity to rethink our beliefs and adapt our behaviours.

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