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Miller Research

Miller Research (UK) Ltd is a specialist consultancy working mainly for the public sector and quasi-public agencies primarily across Wales. We provide research and evaluation services to help our clients better understand the world in which they live and work.

Our projects are broad-ranging, although many have a focus on public policy and programme evaluation, covering topics such as sustainability, well-being, food and farming, education health and social care.

Why do you care about the climate?

We are acutely aware that our current way of life is unsustainable. Climate change is a significant element of the ‘triple threat’ that Wales currently faces, in conjunction with Brexit and Covid-19. Unless addressed promptly, communities across Wales stand to suffer the loss of farms and livelihoods, loss of biodiversity, increased threats of flooding, and increased threats to public health and well-being.

Climate and environmental issues are at the core of what we do – conducting research and evaluation studies for (primarily) Welsh Government-led projects and interventions. Beyond this, we have a team of employees fully committed to climate justice, sustainability and a circular economy. For us, this is evidenced beyond our commissioned work – with our company base operating from a fully sustainable, A+ EPC rated and energy positive premises, on an organic sheep farm. We were original signatories of the Welsh Government sustainability charter and have been ISO14001 registered for the last five years – and are now in the final stages of gaining accreditation as a B Corp.

Currently, the business is developing a platform to enable communities to monetise their collective carbon savings. We believe this has the potential to make a real impact using technology to generate positive outcomes.

What action do you want to see from our leaders?

We recognise the many positive initiatives currently taking place in Wales to address the climate crisis. However, we are concerned about the ability of these initiatives to be substantially impactful, both in terms of scope and timescale.

We want our leaders to commit to ambitious targets – and we want their actions to be accountable. Many of the factors contributing to climate change are systemic, and require those in power to make leading decisions.

Furthermore, we want to see priority investment in the circular economy, where we believe there are real opportunities to fund sustainable futures and prevent unnecessary waste.

What gives you hope for the future?

Learning about the many businesses, organisations, community groups & volunteers that are coming together to take positive action around this cause. Through our work, we see many examples of the initiatives that seek to alleviate these issues through new technologies, innovative thinking, and cross-sector collaboration. We find these examples inspiring and hope to join forces, so that our collective voice is amplified.

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