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Why do you care about the climate?

How can anyone not worry about the climate? The world is our cradle. Climate change will make our world an alien planet to us and to and to every other living creature. It’s a devastation that no other generation has ever faced.

Is anything else worth worrying about if we allow the worst to happen?

What action do you want to see from our leaders?

Carbon emissions need to be halved by the end of the decade. We need to stop paying for the destruction of our only home through subsidies. We need to stop allowing any more fossil fuels to be extracted.

A real commitment is needed to end the destruction of nature in the name of ‘development’. The world economy needs to be changed to serve people and to value nature, not to relentlessly destroy in the name of money. We need to abandon endless one-off growth and build an economy that will leave our children with a world and a life.

What gives you hope for the future?

That we have scientists who work tirelessly to try and wake us up before it’s too late. And that many more people than you might think by now have awareness and understanding and are worried. Start a conversation and people will talk.

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