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Always Aim High Events

Always Aim High Events host award-winning sporting events across Wales, including the Snowdonia National Park and the Isle of Anglesey.

Their principles of putting the environment at the heart of all they do forms their guide in the design of their events. They pride themselves on being customer led, supporting local business and showcasing the beautiful locations of Wales, with a specific focus on promoting the sustainable practices and being sensitive and responsible to this beautiful part of the world.

Why do you care about the climate?

The natural environment is important, for our livelihoods, our physical and mental health and wellbeing and for the future of the communities that host our events. We operate in an area that balances unique habitats and geography, alongside high demand for leisure activity; we see our position as an opportunity to play an active role in promoting a positive environmental relationship through education and in partnership with other stakeholders.

What action do you want to see from our leaders?

Prioritise positive habitat improvement as well as health and well being in all policy and decision making. Involve more local community and independent scientific input into such policy-making.

What gives you hope for the future?

The partnerships between stakeholders, from government through local authority, NGO and local community groups promoting the responsibility for maintaining and regenerating the natural environment for future generations. Most of all though, the environmental consciousness of the younger generation; a fresh and unblinkered approach, challenging the status-quo of government and irresponsible corporate impacts.

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