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Between mountain and sea

20 September, 2021
By Gwenllian Spink

GwyrddNi is a new project by DEG and five community enterprises that will facilitate  Citizens Assemblies on climate change across Gwynedd. One of those enterprises is Yr Orsaf in Penygroes. Gwenllian in Yr Orsaf’s No-Waste Officer. 

Welcome to Dyffryn Nantlle, a valley that stretches from the mountain to sea. It’s home to a wealth of communities, working collectively towards a sustainable future for this valley.  

On our journey through the valley, our first stop is with Antur Nantlle, a community company serving Dyffryn Nantlle and its surrounding areas since 1991. They’ve created countless job opportunities for local people as well as taking responsibility for a host of local historical buildings, such as the birthplace and home of T H Parry Williams, one of Wales’ most loved poets. Today it functions as the Rhyd Ddu Outdoor Centre, a bunkhouse and an outdoor centre, home to a host of activities from mountaineering to kayaking.

The next stop on our journey is Siop Griffiths, a community enterprise based in Penygroes. Over the past three years, Siop Griffiths successfully raised enough money to establish Yr Orsaf, which consists of a café, accommodation, a digital centre for young people, and a Maker Space. This space offers a range of equipment for the community to use; here, you can repair old clothes using the sewing machine or even have a go at 3D printing, using biodegradable plastic! 

Soon, they will also have green transport to offer to the community, with three electric vehicles that will be available for all to use. As well as this, they are currently working on creating two green spaces for the community; allotments for the locals, and a wildlife community garden, where they hope to improve biodiversity whilst also creating a green space for local people. 

There is a patchwork of community centres scattered across the valley, all of which are run by volunteers. Such an example is Canolfan Talysarn, which has offered a range of events for the local community in the past, from a soundwalk through local quarries to recruitment sessions for community work, through which participants can gain new skills and experience.

This short journey is only a taster for what Dyffryn Nantlle has to offer, as her communities work together for a better and greener future.

Gwenllian Spink

Yr Orsaf’s No Waste Officer

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