Tomiwa Oluwajuwon is a Nigerian-born Master's student of Bangor University, North Wales. He is a climate change and environmental sustainability enthusiast (SDGs 13 and 15). He has volunteered with and for several environmental organisations and projects, respectively, including Aula Verde in Spain, GreenWithGrin in Nigeria. He is currently a global ambassador of Youth4Nature where he actively participates in leading Nature-based Solutions to and campaign actions against climate change, as well as giving voices to fellow enthusiasts who are doing greatly in the same movement globally for a better climate and sustainable environment by sharing their stories. His career in Forestry has been instrumental in leading educational platforms on the importance of expanding global and local forest base and carbon sequestration to CCMA (climate change mitigation and adaption) strategies.

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In your view, what do our leaders here in Wales, the UK and around the world need to do to solve climate change?

Education is imperative to addressing climate change (CC). As much as it increases people’s understanding about the impacts of global warming and climate change, it exposes them to how to make ‘counter-impacts’ to reduce the impacts of CC. Meanwhile, according to reports, there are still low levels of knowledge about climate change worldwide. This leads me to say that, our leaders need to ameliorate this low levels of knowledge by supporting climate advocacy groups, incorporating elements of climate change studies in education curricula and empowering the populace to engage in SDG 13. Nevertheless, the right policies must be formulated and implemented at every spatial scales.

Why have you become a Climate Cymru ambassador?

To lend my voice and actions to the target of creating a sustainable global environment delivered from the deleterious grasp of changing climate, as I lead positive changes first in Wales then up to the global scale.

As a nation, what do you feel we need to do to truly influence change?

I have always believed that change starts with you and me. Our individual’s little recognition and supports to this movement against global warming and climate change makes a great difference. Meanwhile, these supports and actions must be deliberate and always geared at making positive differences and not otherwise. While the policy makers should become more encouraged to set a better pace in the movement, we as citizens should be more ready to follow the pace. And the pace cuts across every of our daily endeavours, in our daily engagements with the environment. Keep it all sustainable!

What makes you optimistic for the future with regards to climate change?

The future doesn’t start tomorrow, it starts today! Our actions and inactions today determine what the future holds. I am therefore optimistic as our inactions as humans are beginning to be greatly checked and challenged by the active and sustainable actions of several climate change advocacy groups and widespread international movements, which are beginning to engender sustainable policies and treaties to keep our globe (climate) under check.

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