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Rhodri Davies

Rhodri is a Senior Sustainability Manager for global construction specialists ISG and has over 12 years experience within the industry including working on some of the largest construction schemes in Europe. Rhodri is a chartered environmentalist, and a full member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). Rhodri is passionate about delivering sustainable educational buildings and has been involved in the delivery of pioneering net zero carbon and passivhaus schemes across the region. He grew up in Carmarthenshire and have a passion for the natural world and volunteered for wildlife trusts across Wales and worked on safari reserves in South Africa. He likes to keep active and regularly walk within the national parks in Wales and cycle across the country.

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“For me its all about leadership, leading by example and ensuring we influence decision makers, budget holders and those with the most influence in society to inspire and drive effective wholesale changes that society needs. Educating current and future generations is absolutely key so that we drive change society wide Passionate about making a difference and ensuring we have a prosperous future Lead by example and show other countries that change is indeed possible and we can lead a prosperous lifestyle within planetary limits. The solutions are out there, what we lack at the moment is the will to do something about it.”

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