Paul Evans

I am Artistic Director of Soaring Supersaurus CIC, we recycle plastic (and other things) into long use items to sell, with profits going to arts and sustainability projects in northern RCT. I am from a performative arts background combining circus with theatre and dance and believe that the arts can help to change minds and behaviours. Both action on the climate crisis and acessing the arts can be full of barriers in areas of multiple depravation by combining the two, we can create direct actions on climate change and lessen barriers to participation.

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“Our leaders should support local action and innovative approaches that empower more people to take action on climate change, highlight what innovative projects are already doing and invite and pay these people to share their developments. Ensure that there is diversity in the conversations about what can be done by offering support to participate, if this is always on a volunteer basis voices of those who face barriers won't be heard. Community action should be used to provide the example for larger businesses, and to pressure then into taking more action. Every organisation should have a triple bottom line and larger organisations should be made to include the Well Being and Future Generations in their practice. High investment in renewable energy supplies should be made and this should start in areas of deprivation. This should be something that is publically owned and not for profit. There should be no new investment in fossil fuels, high tax and more regulation around fossil fuels. We must combine the efforts of climate action groups, there are quite a few out there and some of them doing the same job, through the administrative support these groups require they are wasting money with duplication. As a nation we need a fully empowered Sennedd as policy in Westminster doesn't generally take into account what is needed for Wales and the uniqe people and environment here. More people in communities and starting to tackle climate change through their behaviours and there seems to be more acceptance that there is a climate crisis that we need to act on. ”

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