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Joseph is a 31 year old father living in Cardiff. He works full time, raises two young children and tries to find some time to grow food, bake bread and see friends. He has lived in Cardiff pretty much his whole life and is currently living in Rhiwbina.

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In your view, what do our leaders here in Wales, the UK and around the world need to do to solve climate change?

Consider the climate in everything they do. If there is a new policy, project or initiative, it needs to show how it will help Wales cut carbon emissions and increase biodiversity.

Why have you become a Climate Cymru ambassador?

I am not an activist, or a champion in my community. I have become an ambassador as I am just trying to live a normal life in a way which works with the environment, minimises waste, supports local community and is still achievable.

As a nation, what do you feel we need to do to truly influence change?

Be a showcase. We need to show the rest of the world what can be done. We are not a world leader in terms of money or power, but we can be one for our care and respect for the world itself.

What makes you optimistic for the future with regards to climate change?

People are starting to wake up to the reality of climate change. It is starting to become mainstream to eat less meat, reduce plastic waste and support local communities.

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