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John Hunt

John is a community councillor in Blaenavon and an emeritus [visiting] professor of climate change & Physical Geography at University of Gloucestershire; always dynamic & never quite the conventional professor. He is as “the Punk Professor”. His main research was on the timing of climate change and the links between explosive volcanism and climate He was the founding chair of the Cheltenham climate change Forum an multi sectoral stakeholder conference on climate change that advised DEFRA and helped develop climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in the SW UK advising DEFRA & GOSW he was climate change policy advisor to Gloucester City and Cheltenham Borough councils.

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In Wales there is a critical socio-economic exclusion from participating in green and sustainability action. We need a leadership that addresses equality of opportunity engaging us in action against climate change. as a lifelong environmental campaigner and lover of nature and as professional who has studied climate change in the world’s oceans arctic island and mountain habitats, I’ve had the privilege of studying and being awed by the natural environment and in researching climate systems I have a passion to share and enhance the understanding of these systems in others and to help act effectively to lessen humanity’s footprint on an Anthropocene world. we need to enable people to recognise how far we have come.

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