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Ize is a Nigerian born Soil & Environmental scientist, a climate change mitigation researcher, educator & public health advocate. A doctoral researcher in Bangor University, Ize is the co-lead of 3rd Sector Support Africa (3SA); a Strategy, Development & Support organization dedicated to providing innovative & sustainable solutions to players in the third sector across thematic areas. She is passionate advocate for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals especially SDGs 1, 2, 3, 4 & 13. Some of her research have focused on exploring circular nutrient economy across waste management and agriculture. Ize is also affiliated with the Nigeria Climate Innovation Centre (NCIC) on a number of programs at various stages and a member of the North Wales Africa Society (NWAS).

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In your view, what do our leaders here in Wales, the UK and around the world need to do to solve climate change?

Continue to back up talk with action and increase concerted efforts towards global commitments dedicated to mitigating climate change, which the country subscribes and are signatories to. E.g. ‘the decarbonize & net zero emissions agendas.’

The UK in 2019 for instance, was “the first major economy in the world to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050, as at then, it had already reduced emissions by 42% while Wales was the first country in the world to declare a ‘climate emergency'” and set an ambitious Net Zero Wales target. I will love to see the contributions of Wales to the overall decrease in emissions by the UK increase significantly.

Why have you become a Climate Cymru ambassador?

To add my voice to the continued call for urgent actions to mitigate climate change, having seen the various impacts of climate change on lives, livelihoods & resources at local, national & global scales.

As a nation, what do you feel we need to do to truly influence change?

I would like to see the UK being the first major economy in the world to commit to tackle climate change and Wales setting some really ambitious net zero emission targets. As a people there’s a need to imbibe the consciousness and take up the responsibility to contribute to achieving national set targets.

What makes you optimistic for the future with regards to climate change?

Adaptability: As a people, the responsibility required to achieve climate change mitigation is one we can take on.

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