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Imogen has just turned 15. She is passionate about changing our actions as she believes the effects are harsh on our wildlife and their habitats as well as us humans in the long term. She lives in South Wales where she has both city and nature surrounding her. She is currently in secondary school, loves sport and being in nature.

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In your view, what do our leaders here in Wales, the UK and around the world need to do to solve climate change?

Create a reward system for recycling, make more speeches about the topic and create another reward system for walking to work/school etc.

Why have you become a Climate Cymru ambassador?

I believe it is such an important subject and I believe I’m a strong confident individual who can help make a change.

As a nation, what do you feel we need to do to truly influence change?

Express and identify all the problems we will/are facing and how they can affect popular leisure/ activities. As well as not selling harmful products in stores, encourage businesses to sell biodegradable products.

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