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Local Council Advocacy

Councils have a huge influence on climate action on a local level, from planting trees to rewilding, to installing new green infrastructure. Sixteen of twenty-two councils in Wales have declared a climate emergency, but Cardiff University research shows that plans lack urgency across the country.

Here, we have a list of resources that aim to help you monitor, pressure, and support action on climate change, on a council level.

Cardiff University Research
  • A set of recommendations to help achieve Net Zero and tackle the Climate Emergency that has been declared by more than 330 out of 409 UK councils. Produced by the Centre for Alternative Techology (CAT).
  • Climate Emergency UK supports local authorities by providing accessible information about best practice and a network where local authorities, activists, NGOs, business and local communities can work together.
  • Climate Scorecards:  An assessment of each UK councils’ written Climate Action Plans based on 28 questions across nine sections, and published as Council Climate Plan Scorecards.
  • Resource Hub provided by Zero Carbon Britain providing freely available online inspiration, tools, reports, guidance, training, webinars and more, to support action on net zero.
  • Campaign to get councils to turn their political promises into concrete action by adopting a climate action plan in support of having declared climate emergencies. This tool tells you in what areas your council is delivering on climate change. Or otherwise.
  • List of 33 key actions your council can take, from retrofitting council-owned properties, to adopting circular economy waste policies. Is your council taking them? If no, then why not?
  • Welsh Government ‘Route to Net Zero’ for the public sector provides a strategic overview of the key priority areas for action and milestones needed for the Welsh public sector to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030
  • Local Authority Survey. Do you work for a local authority? TUC Cymru wants to find out how your local authority has involved employees in the design and implementation of climate change strategies and policies.
  • Stay informed on Local Authority Action Plans. Does your council have one? Is it up to scratch? Hold them accountable.
  • Sixth Carbon Budget and Local Authorities. The sixth Carbon Budget limits the volume of greenhouse gases emitted over a 5-year period from 2033 to 2037, taking the UK more than three-quarters of the way to reaching net zero by 2050. This can only be achieved if councils and government work together. This report outlines how this could, and should be done.
  • Net Zero In My Neighbourhood is a set of resources provided by the Joint Public Issues Team to help churches and communities to hold councils accountable over their climate change action plans.
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