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Our climate and natural world are in crisis, threatening our communities, our ways of life, and our beautiful Welsh places. Every day we move closer to climate catastrophe, and we need to hold those responsible to account.

What is Climate Cymru?

Climate Cymru is a collaborative, unifying and action-focused movement led by 364 partners & supported by 4,600 individuals from Wales. We co-create bilingual events, campaigns, policy work, and advocacy to catalyse action for climate, nature and social justice in Wales and, with UK partners beyond Wales, with people in our movement at the heart of all our work. 

We work locally with our community partners and Climate Justice Coalition hubs in Wales. Find your local hub here.

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There is power in numbers. Adding your voice adds power to the campaign. After signing up to the campaign, you will have the option to tell us exactly what you care about. Your message will help shape what we ask of our leaders.

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