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Our climate and natural world are in crisis, threatening our communities, our ways of life, and our beautiful Welsh places.

2021 offers hope for a better future. In November, world leaders will gather for the UN Climate Summit with the future of our communities in their hands. We need to show them how much we care.

Add your voice to tell our leaders we want strong and meaningful action to protect the things we love.

What is Climate Cymru?

Climate Cymru is the leading Wales-based campaign focused on COP26, the UN Climate Summit taking place in Glasgow in November 2021.

At this conference, world leaders will decide what steps they are willing to take to tackle climate change. It will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for the world to come together and commit to urgent climate action.

Climate Cymru is engaging with Welsh and UK leaders to advocate for meaningful, evidence-based and fair commitments to address the climate and nature emergencies.

Why add your voice?

We want to make sure Welsh leaders arrive at the summit with a clear message from the people of Wales:

“The climate and nature emergencies require urgent action and these actions should be guided by the best available evidence and the voices of people across Wales.”

There is power in numbers. Adding your voice adds power to the campaign.

After signing up to the campaign, you will have the option to tell us exactly what you care about. Your message will help shape what we ask of our leaders.

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