PRESS RELEASE 28/03/2023

Climate Cymru and its partner organisations will meet outside the Welsh Government
Office in Cathays Park at 10.30am to present the Winter Wales petition. The petition
collected nearly 4,000 signatories from across the Nation, calling on the Welsh Government for more support for vulnerable households, an ambitious energy efficiency programme, scaling up low cost renewables, and freeing Wales from fossil fuels.

Haf Elgar, Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru, said:
“We don’t want to face a winter like the one we’ve just had. No one should have to  choose between heating and eating. We need to help those who need it the most. Making our homes more energy efficient will bring down both bills and carbon emissions. This petition shows the Welsh Government the depth of support for real solutions to the cost-of-living crisis: home insulation, more renewables, ditching fossil fuels and support for those in need.”

Sarah Rees, Head of Oxfam Cymru said:
‘Families across Wales aren’t faced with the choice between eating or heating; they can simply afford to do neither. Climate justice means providing support for the most vulnerable whilst freeing us from fossil fuels. This petition is important, calling on the Welsh Government to meet the scale and pace needed to ensure everyone stays warm in winter’.

Bethan Sayed, Warm this Winter Campaign Co-ordinator said:
“We have the answers on our doorstep to the interweaving crises that we find ourselves in, from the cost of living, to the energy crisis, to the climate emergency. We  need to utilise our own natural resources, and create energy that can serve the people of Wales directly. We must see more investment by the Welsh Government into community renewables, and we are pleased to see the announcement of Ynni Cymru in that regard, and the new publicly funded energy company. Wales has the solutions. Let’s invest and let’s consign these crises to the past by supporting green growth for the future.”

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