Citizens Assemblies on climate change

20 September, 2021
By Lowri Hedd Vaughan

GwyrddNi is a new project by DEG and five community enterprises that will facilitate  Citizens Assemblies on climate change across Gwynedd. Lowri Hedd Vaughan is GwyrddNi’s Community Climate Action Facilitator in Llanberis. 

Hospitality, slate and steep paths over the hill are at the heart of Padarn-Peris for most people. For over 200 years, the remains of the industry that roofed the world has expanded and contracted around the two lakes, and hundreds of thousands of walking boots have tried to tame the wild surrounding mountains. Before 1850 there were only a handful of families living here in the shadow of Llywelyn Fawr’s castle, supporting themselves with food from the land, agriculture, faith and community co-operation. 

Now there are more than a few thousands living here, a population that triples during the summer months. Amongst those that live here all year round are groups and individuals who believe wholeheartedly in all aspects of supporting the local community. From unofficial ambassadors to the small business to the botanist who adopted Cae’r Ddol, from the leader of creative activities at Y Festri to those ‘Pentref Taclus’ rubbish collectors, not forgetting the tireless efforts of the group who set up the renewable energy scheme Ynni Padarn Peris, which has now established an independent charity to share locally the profits generated by the hydro turbine. 

Without leadership or directive, there is a strong tradition here of individuals rolling up their sleeves and improving their local mile whilst supporting the local circular economy. 

The GwyrddNi project sets out to highlight the wealth of enterprise and creativity that is already here, expand and bring together existing networks, encourage ambitious dialogue and facilitate the development of concepts, ideas and experiments to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis. 

Citizens Assemblies on climate change will be one way of focusing conversations in order to develop a local climate action plan which will establish a heritage of dedicated ambassadors who will be the roots and branches of this essential movement. 

By Lowri Hedd Vaughan

Community Climate Action Facilitator for Gwyrddni in Llanberis

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