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A movement for change...

There is an escalating cost of living crisis, an energy crisis, and an ongoing climate emergency.

These crises are connected. They share common causes, like fossil fuels, which are making them all worse. They also share solutions that can help us get out of this mess, like mass insulation of Welsh homes and investment in low-cost, clean, renewable energy.

Urgent help is needed now for people suffering, and we need to scale up genuine solutions with pace and scale.


Campaigning together for the things we love

Climate Cymru is an active network of nearly 300 organisations from every sector in Welsh society, and a movement of over 13,000 individuals from across Wales, who are concerned about climate change.

Our networks span all backgrounds, sectors, and corners of Wales and we’re inviting you to join us too.

Our site is currently undergoing a major update, so please bear with us as we get new pages and translations up to date!

Our Mission

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When you add your name to Climate Cymru, you are agreeing
to a simple statement:

We recognise that the climate and nature emergency requires urgent, fair, action. We believe that action should be guided by science and the voices of people across Wales.

After adding your name, please tell us what you care about. This helps us shape our campaigns & share opportunities which are relevant to you.

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Add Your Voice

Our Mission

Our Mission

Meet the ambassadors

Meet the ambassadors
Three young Climate Cymru Ambassadors.

For the things you love…

Climate Cymru is gathering voices from all over Wales and making sure those voices are heard by the people in power. Let’s tell our leaders to protect the Wales we love from the climate and nature emergencies.

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